Though our "issues" will update on a schedule, we're always looking for stuff to put on the blog. Send us whatever you want to send us. Literally, whatever you want to send us. So, for example, if you want to submit something for an installment of #FanFicFriday, please please do that, we want so badly for you to do that, and for you to do it in this category.

If you have thoughts about a topical news story, or an argument for your cat being the softest of all cats. If you can't hold silent anymore about the failed experiment of 90 Day Fiance, or if you won't hear it slandered, not once more. If you have an annotated timelines of a comment thread meltdown.

If you wrote a song, made a video, drew or designed something transcendent or grotesque or funny — this right here is your spot.

No limits on anything — genre, format, length. If we like it and can figure out how to get it online, we want it.

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