We want to see fiction that stretches the meaning of the word. Send us your fragmented, genre-bending, essayistic, poetic, multi-layered, challenging fiction. We don't want weird for the sake of weird; we do want work that creates its own rules, and follows them. We want the thing you've been hiding in your basement because it's too strange to see the light of day. You be Frankenstein; send us your monsters.

A couple of important details:
  • No formal length requirements, but we'd have to fall deeply in love to publish work much longer than 5,000 words.
  • If you're submitting short fictions < 1000 words, you can include up to 3 pieces, each with its own title, in one document.
I offer the following to help our beloved submitters know what I’d love to see in our virtual queue:
  • Stories by writers whose voices are underrepresented in the literary community including POC, immigrants, writers of any/all sexual orientations and from across the gender spectrum, and people with disabilities.
  • Stories that are stylistically and/or formally innovative, but not in a forced or contrived manner. In other words–the form works in harmony with the content.
  • Stories whose subject matter is unusual, peculiar, fresh (i.e. stories about fascinating things that are not breakups, death, or bereaved owners of deceased pets).
  • Stories that tackle familiar subject matter in new and surprising ways.
  • Well-crafted sentences. Beautiful sentences. Like these.
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